Work Hazards

Hazard Control

Elimanting ( including substitutaion): This controls invivles the removing of the hazard from thw wrok area or subsituting the hazard for something else. 

Engineering controls: This control invovles designing and modifying plants, equipment, ventilation systems and processes that reduces the source of exposure. Example: using an appropriate vacuum to clean dust instead of sweeping.

Adminstrive Controls: the control invovles altaring the way work is being done, including timing or work, policies and other standards and operationg porcedures.  Example: Scheduling maintenance for workplace. 
Personal Protective Equipment: Is protective gear/clothing workers wear to protect themselves. Example: Gloves, face shields, eye protection and footwear.

The four control compents listed above are part of the hierarchy of control plan. The plan should be done in the order listed above (