Work Hazards

Physical Hazard

     Is the most common type of hazard and that is caused by unsafe conditions that causes illness, injury and death. 

Chemical Hazard

   Is a type of workplace hazards because exposure to chemicals can make you ill or make you suffer from something.
Example: Gas: can lead to respiratory problems

Ergnomic Hazard

   Is a hazard that is caused by the workplace. They are caused by poorly designed areas and the processes at your workplace.
Examples: poor lighting: can cause visual problems, task that is done repeatively: can cause injury to muscles.

Biological Hazard

   Is a type of hazard that is caused by living things. They most likely come from working with animals and people. this is because people and animals can pass bacteria or an illness.
Example: Bacteria: can be spread by people


 Is when the job produces stress for the worker. Also violence may occur in the workplace.
Example: A worker may be harassing you and this can lead to stress and sleepless nights.

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